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wayne-harrison-klPresenter: Wayne Harrison

Soccer awareness – “The One Touch Mentality”

Soccer is a thinking game that begins in the head of each player. What is the link between the thinking process and teaching “A One Touch Mentality” to players? My main focus in training is the decision making process each player goes through to be successful
Important Questions: WHEN / WHERE / HOW / WHAT AND WHY

How often do you see the ball arriving at the players’ feet and he or she doesn’t know what to do next? You can almost hear their brains ticking over.

The relevance of a learning a “One Touch Mentality” to the modern game

As the game gets faster, so is the need for players to master this VITAL innate ability because the game is getting faster using fewer touches on the ball, less space to work in as defensive tactics improve; which creates the need for quicker thinking; quicker moving; and better / faster decision making players.

Three types of youth soccer player:

  1. Those who don’t know what’s happening in a game;
  2. Those who know what’s happening but only as its happening.
  3. Those who already know what is going to happen next.

First Category:

The players, who fit in the first category, really “don’t know” what is happening during the game and instead, when the ball comes to them they just kick it away because they don’t know what else to do.

Second Category

Players who fit into the second category are paying attention to what is happening and are always “Reacting” to what is happening at that moment.

Third Category

The players who fit into the third category are the ones who will ultimately be successful.

They not only know what is happening at any given time but they are thinking about what the possibilities are next and instead of constantly reacting to a situation; they are being proactive and are dictating what is going to happen next, therefore working “In Anticipation”.


Players NEED to be in this third group!





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